Troubleshooting Error 2204 & 2205 - "You're Not Authorized to do that"

Error code 2204 & 2205 are an authorisation errors, meaning the signature you used in running your query is not authorised to perform the job. There are two different scenarios that can result in this error:
  1. 1.
    Signature miscalculation
  2. 2.
    Hitting the wrong url

Signature Miscalculation

1. Wrong environment API key - Confirm you're using the right environment API key i.e. for sandbox signature, you will use sandbox API key, likewise for production signature you will use production API key. You can switch between sandbox and production by using the toggle in the portal.
2. Missed a step in calculating the signature - You can follow these instructions to calculate your signature.

Hitting the Wrong URL

For the Rest API you must call the correct url of the environment you're running jobs in. The Smile ID Mobile SDKs & Server-Side Libraries handle the right url to call based on environment variable you set. The base urls for production and sandbox are as follows:
Base URL