This SDK is deprecated and will receive limited support. Please adopt the v10 SDK: Android v10

What Android versions does the SDK support?

  • Our library supports minimum API level 19 (Android 4.4)

  • When using AndroidX maximum supported API level is 32 (Android 12)

Why is the SDK so large?

The Smile SDK is large on file, however, this is due to the inclusion of multiple ABIs as listed here. We recommend leveraging APK splits by ABI or App Bundles to ensure that the end user will not download the whole SDK but rather only what their phone needs. So while the full APK is large, the large APK is not what the end user actually ends up downloading.

You can look more on how this works here if you are using APKs and here if you are using an app bundle

Which CPU architectures (ABIs) are supported?

  • arm64-v8a

  • armabi-v7a

  • x86

  • x86_64

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