Android Release Notes


  • Added an optional "Strict Mode" to SmartSelfie Enrollment and Authentication to achieve better pass rates. Set useStrictMode=true to enable this new, streamlined UI and associated active liveness tasks


  • Fixed a bug where some failed authentication requests were incorrectly handled

  • Fixed a bug where errors with no code were not being handled correctly

  • Fixed a bug on Selfie and Document capture success screen where the message was wrong

  • Fixed a bug where liveness files were missing on document verification jobs


  • Update generic errors with actual platform errors


  • Fixed a bug where MLKit initialization would sometimes fail due to Application Context

  • Verify SDK for Google Play SDK Console


  • Increase network call timeout to 120 seconds

  • Fixed a bug where invalid file paths were returned and retries did not work

  • Update to K2 (aka Kotlin 2.0.0)

  • Update Compose BOM to 2024.05.00

  • Update AndroidX to 1.13.1

  • Update Activity to 1.9.0

  • Update Fragment to 1.7.1

  • Update Datastore to 1.1.1

  • Update Sentry to 7.9.0


  • Better error message when the device is low on storage

  • Fixed a bug where Gallery selection of document images did not work in some cases


  • Fixed a bug where Document Capture would occasionally fail

  • Optimize Bitmap processing for less memory usage and improved quality

  • Fixed a bug where Document Verification would get stuck on the processing screen


  • Added an Offline Mode, enabled by calling SmileID.setAllowOfflineMode(true). If a job is attempted while the device is offline, and offline mode has been enabled, the UI will complete successfully and the job can be submitted at a later time by calling SmileID.submitJob(jobId)

  • Improved SmartSelfie Enrollment and Authentication times by moving to a synchronous API endpoint

  • Made KEY_RESULT constants in Fragments internal to remove a footgun where the constant was easily confused with KEY_REQUEST

  • Improved back button behavior on image confirmation and processing dialogs

  • Fixed a bug where network retries would occasionally fail

  • Bump Compose BOM to 2024.04.00


  • Bump CameraX to 1.3.0

  • Removed cameraConfig from PrepUploadResponse

  • Fixed a bug where, in some cases, logs may not be printed

  • Removed the Skip Button from Back of ID Capture

  • Added instructionsHeroImage as a new parameter to DocumentCaptureScreen

  • Added heroImage as a new parameter to DocumentCaptureInstructionsScreen

  • Updated Document Verification hero images


  • Exposed individual components as Composables

  • Fixed missing allowNewEnroll in Document Verification Fragment


  • Added allowNewEnroll on SmartSelfie, BiometricKYC, DocV and EnhancedDocV



  • Marked kotlinx-collections-immutable as an api dependency



  • Made code nullable on SmileIDException.Details


  • Bump Kotlin to 1.9.21

  • Bump Sentry to 7.0.0


  • Removed model_parameters from PrepUploadRequest



  • Added missing showInstructions on some Composables

  • Added missing proguard rule and updated consumer rules

  • Added missing parameters on Fragments


  • Fixed crash when duplicate images are attempted to be zipped

  • Fixed a bug where some attributes passed in were not respected

  • Fixed a bug when attempting to parcelize SmileIDException


  • Bump Kotlin to 1.9.20

  • Bump Compose BOM to 2023.10.01

  • Bump AndroidX Activity to 1.8.1

  • Bump AndroidX Fragment to 1.6.2

  • Bump AndroidX Navigation to 2.7.5

  • Bump Sentry to 6.33.1

  • Bump Coil to 2.5.0

  • Changed the OKHTTP call timeout to 60 seconds

  • Rename partnerParams to extraPartnerParams



  • Added extras as optional params on all job types

  • Added allowAgentMode option on Document Verification and Enhanced Document Verification



  • Fixed a bug where the document preview showed a black box for some older devices



  • Fixed retry document submission on failed document submission

  • Fixed missing entered key in BiometricKYC



  • Added jobId on SmartSelfieEnrollmentFragment and SmartSelfieAuthenticationFragment

  • Added showInstructions on SmartSelfieEnrollmentFragment


  • Fix bug where showAttirubtion was not respected on the Consent Denied screen


  • Increased selfie capture resolution to 640px

  • Bump Sentry to 6.32.0

  • Bump OkHttp to 4.12.0



  • Added missing colorScheme and typography parameters on SmileID.BvnConsentScreen

  • Added option to set callback URL using setCallbackUrl(callbackUrl: URL?) method

  • Added EnhancedDocumentVerification support

  • Added Modifier parameter to all Composables


  • Updated KDocs with missing parameter descriptions

  • Fix Broken Country Selection on EnhancedKYC and BiometricKYC

  • Update Window Insets to avoid content being drawn under system insets


  • Show the normal consent screen as part of BVN Verification

  • The parameters of BvnConsentScreen have been updated to support inclusion of the consent screen

  • Bump Compose BOM to 2023.09.02

  • Bump AGP to 8.1.2

  • Bump Sentry to 6.30.0



  • Global Document Verification support

  • BVN Consent Screen

  • Dependency on org.jetbrains.kotlinx:kotlinx-collections-immutable


  • Expose Compose Material 3 as an api dependency

  • A bug where all results were being parsed to JobResult.Entry


  • Made *Result classes JSON serializable

  • Renamed DocVJobStatusResponse to DocumentVerificationJobStatusResponse

  • Renamed getDocVJobStatus to getDocumentVerificationJobStatus

  • Renamed pollDocVJobStatus to pollDocumentVerificationJobStatus

  • New sealed interface hierarchy for JobResult

    • Renamed DocVEntry to DocumentVerificationJobResult.Entry

    • Renamed JobResult.Entry to SmartSelfieJobResult.Entry

    • Renamed BiometricKycEntry to BiometricKycJobResult.Entry

    • JobResult.Entry is now an interface for all job types

  • Bump Sentry to 6.29.0

  • Bump Compose BOM to 2023.09.01

  • Bump AndroidX Core to 1.12.0

  • Bump AndroidX Lifecycle to 2.6.2

  • Bump AndroidX Navigation to 2.7.2


  • Removed Document model, so you now pass countryCode and documentType as separate params in SmileID.DocumentVerification

  • filename property from PrepUploadRequest, as it is no longer required



  • Detection of bad lighting for Document Verification

  • Detection of unfocused states for Document Verification

  • Document detection for Document Verification


  • Fix a Document Verification bug where selfie wasn't captured when also capturing the back of an ID

  • Fixed a bug where the document bounding box border was slightly offset from document cutout

  • Fixed a bug where the wrong ImageType was being specified for back of ID images


  • resultCodes, codes, and are all now Strings in order to maintain leading 0s

  • Include liveness images for Document Verification jobs, if selfie capture was not bypassed

  • Slightly zoom in on the document capture preview and confirmation

  • Kotlin 1.9.10

  • Bump Compose BOM to 2023.08.00

  • Bump CameraX to 1.2.3

  • Bump AndroidX Navigation to 2.7.1



  • Added OkHttp as an api dependency

  • Updated LoadingButton visibility modifier


  • Switch from Java 17 to Java 11 to support Flutter

  • Allow passing in a custom Config instance to SmileID.initialize

  • Bump coroutines to 1.7.3

  • Bump Sentry to 6.28.0

  • Bump AndroidX Fragment to 1.6.1



  • Add helper functions which return a Flow of the latest JobStatus for a Job until it is complete

  • Add a JobStatusResponse interface

  • Enhanced KYC Async API endpoint


  • Fixed a bug where id_info was not included in Document Verification network requests


  • Kotlin 1.9

  • Updated API key exception error message to be actionable

  • SmileID.useSandbox getter is now publicly accessible

  • Bump Sentry to 6.25.2


  • Removed polling from SmartSelfie Authentication, Document Verification, and Biometric KYC. The returned SmileIDResults will now contain only the immediate result of job status without waiting for job completion



  • Biometric KYC Fragment

  • Made IdInfo Parcelable

  • Option to disable Instructions Screen on Document Verification and SmartSelfie™

  • Smile ID Attribution


  • Fixed bug where Document Captures were incorrectly cropped

  • Marked selfieFile as a required field in the returned DocumentVerificationResult


  • Updated KDocs

  • Rename ImageType enums to indicate PNGs are no longer supported

  • Bump Gradle to 8.2.1

  • Bump Coroutines to 1.7.2

  • Bump Sentry to 6.25.0



  • Biometric KYC

  • Document Verification

  • Debounce Selfie Capture directive changes to allow user time to read the directions

  • Set Release property on Sentry for release tracking

  • Products Config API call

  • Services API call


  • Fix crash on network retries

  • Don't report IDE Jetpack Compose Preview crashes to Sentry


  • Breaking: Renamed SmartSelfie Registration to SmartSelfie Enrollment

  • Breaking: Removed "Screen" suffix from SmartSelfie Composables

  • Tweak selfie progress indicator animation

  • Minor update to default colours to add contrast

  • Submit colour liveness images instead of greyscale

  • Update SmartSelfie™ directives copy to be more succinct

  • Changed the order of arguments in Composables to ensure required arguments come first and so that Modifier is the first optional argument

  • Compile against API level 34

  • Bump Gradle to 8.0.2

  • Bump Kotlin to 1.8.22

  • Bump AndroidX Activity to 1.7.2

  • Bump AndroidX Fragment to 1.6.0

  • Bump Compose BOM to 2023.06.01

  • Bump Camposer to 0.2.2

  • Bump Sentry to 6.24



  • Add Biometric KYC data models

  • Initial Document Verification screens


  • Only allow a single face to be in frame for a SmartSelfie™ capture


  • Bump Sentry to 6.21.0


  • Initial Release

  • SmartSelfie™ Authentication and Registration

  • Enhanced KYC

  • Theming

  • Networking

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