What happens under the hood?

Our KYC Services offer various ways to verify a person's identity.

In the case where you simply want to verify an ID Number, we process the information provided by you and use it to query a Government ID Authority. Once we get a response, we process the information so that it can be interpreted by you, the partner.

When you want to use our KYC Services to make sure your user is who they say they are, we process both a Selfie of your user and the ID information they provided, in order to; 1. Verify the ID Number, 2. Retrieve the user's Personal Information including an official ID Photo. Once we have the ID Photo, we compare it to the Selfie so we can tell you how confident we are that these two people are the same.

Once a user is registered, either by a simple Selfie registration (no ID information) or a registration on condition of a passed KYC check, we are able to perform 2FA (2-factor authentication) using face verification, so that you can securely provide access to your users.

This requires you to provide a single Selfie to be compared against the Registered Selfie on our System. Then we tell you how confident we are that these two people are the same person.

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