Run Your First Test Job

So you have chosen a product and your method of integration. To run your first Smile ID job in Sandbox, please follow these step-by-step guide
  • Generate a signature
  • Create a callback endpoint (for Asynchronous API use)
  • Write your integration code
  • Test your integration in the Sandbox environment

Generate your Signature

Signatures identify that it is your system that is making a call to our system and confirms you have authorisation to perform a job. The easiest way to calculate your signature is to use one of our server side libraries, alternatively can follow the step-by-step guide in the using signature page under the Rest API section of the docs. You'll need your API Key and Partner ID which you can get from the developer section of the portal.

Create a callback endpoint

If the Smile ID product you are using has an asynchronous response, you will need to setup a callback API to receive the responses. Read more on how to setup a callback in the FAQs.

Write your Integration Code

Depending your Smile ID product and integration option of choice, use the instructions in the documentation as a guide to write your integration code.

Test your integration in the Sandbox Environment

In addition to getting responses via the callbacks the result of all jobs you run during your test will show up in job list in the partner portal. You can use the job list to confirm the result of your test jobs is as expected.
You can not test using "real" ID numbers till you complete your KYC and move to production. If you are using any of our products that require ID information, you can find the list of sample IDs for all our supported ID Types here.