Run Your First Test Job

Now that you have selected a product and your integration method, follow this step-by-step guide to run your first Smile ID job in the Sandbox environment:

  • Generate a signature.

  • Create a callback endpoint (for asynchronous API use).

  • Write your integration code.

  • Test your integration in the Sandbox environment.

Generate Your Signature

Signatures ensure that it's your system initiating a request to ours and verify your authorization to execute a job. The simplest way to generate your signature is by using one of our server-side libraries. Alternatively, you can follow the detailed instructions on the using signature page under the REST API section of our documentation. You will need your API Key and Partner ID, available in the developer section of the portal.

Create a Callback Endpoint

If you're using a Smile ID product that provides asynchronous responses, you'll need to set up a callback API to receive these responses. Learn more about setting up a callback in our FAQs.

Write Your Integration Code

Depending on your chosen Smile ID product and integration option, refer to the relevant documentation to guide you in writing your integration code.

Test Your Integration in the Sandbox Environment

All job responses during your testing phase will be displayed in the job list within the partner portal. Use this list to verify that the results of your test jobs meet your expectations.

Testing with "real" ID numbers is not permitted until you complete your KYC and transition to the production environment. For products requiring ID information, a list of sample IDs for all our supported ID Types is available here.

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