Voter's ID

This represents the Ghana Voter ID that was existent before 2020.

Required Inputs

Response Fields

All fields are returned as string

Note: Unlike the New Voter's ID, this ID type returns AGE but not DOB. The AGE parameter provides age information (eg. 25), but not year, month, or date of birth.

ID Number Regular Expression (Regex)

To limit the probability of your user mistyping the id number, we advice that you enforce the format of the id number field in your app. You can use the regex below:

  • /^[0-9]{10,12}$/

Supported Products

The Ghana voter's id can be used on any of the following products:

For the supported integration options, you can check the integration options supported by each product here.

Sample ID Numbers

To test the Ghana voter's id in our Sandbox, we provide you with 5 different id numbers to mirror various scenarios you can experience with real IDs in production.

* to get a successful Biometric KYC, you will need to pass a custom photo. You can read more about customising the PII response in sandbox in our documentation here.

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