Biometric KYC

Perform a Biometric KYC Job

Biometric KYC is exposed as a flow which performs the following high level steps:

  1. Displays instructions to the user

  2. Requests camera permissions (if not already granted)

  3. Captures and saves Liveness and Selfie images

  4. Submits the job to the Smile ID API

  5. Delivers the result back to the caller

fun BiometricKYCExample(idInfo: IdInfo) {
    SmileID.BiometricKYC(idInfo = idInfo) { result ->
        when (result) {
            is SmileIDResult.Success -> {
                val resultData =
                Log.d("BiometricKYC", "Success: $resultData")

            is SmileIDResult.Error -> {
                // There was an error (could be denied camera permissions, network errors, etc)
                val throwable = result.throwable
                Log.w("BiometricKYC", "Failure: $it", throwable)

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