Link FAQs

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked Smile Link questions

Smile Links is available in all countries.

How many products or verification methods can I use per ID type?

Only one verification method can be used per ID type. This is to prevent confusing your user.

Not yet. This will be available soon.

You can visit the manage links page from the Smile Links Home.

You can pause and resume your links. Pausing the Link means it would not be valid for verifications.

How long is the expiry?

The default is 90 days but you can set any number of days you want.

You can add an unlimited number of IDs to the link you want to create

Yes. You can edit the ID types and the verification methods.

Which ID types do I have access to?

ID types configured to your account. If you need more id types, contact your Smile account manager or contact

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