Smile Secure

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Our real time Smile Secure product helps identify rogue users attempting to use multiple IDs to access your system. Our models deduplicate facial biometrics and layer on side-channel data to inform you if you have previously verified the same user, even if the user is presenting a different name or government ID for KYC.

We automatically perform a deduplication check for every Biometric KYC, Document Verification, or SmartSelfie™ Authentication job.

Return Values

The JSON response is in a separate callback that contains a field called Antifraud. It contains a SuspectUsers key that lists the user IDs and reasons for suspected fraud, such as whether a person signed up for the service before.


  "Antifraud": { 
    "SuspectUsers": [
        { "user_id": "user001", "reason": "same-person"},
        { "user_id": "user002", "reason": "same-person"},
  "ResultCode": "5211",
  "ResultText": "Suspect Users Found",
  "PartnerParams": {
    "job_id": "KE_TEST_100",
    "job_type": "1",
    "user_id": "KE_TESTTEST_100"

  "SmileJobID": "0000056574",
  "timestamp": "2021-05-06T08:48:50.763Z",
  "signature": "----signature-----"

Result Codes



No Suspect Users Found

Our Smile Secure algorithms ran over the job and were unable to identify related users.


Suspect Users Found

Our algorithms identified related users that should be investigated.


System Error

We were not able to run Smile Secure on this job.

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