Add or remove team members

You can add team members to your account from the Portal.

On the main Dashboard, at the bottom left-hand of your navigation bar, you will see Invite Team Members.

From there you can add or remove members to your team, so they are able to access the Dashboard, APIs and SDKs.

Each team member will receive an email to set their own passwords so they have independent access to the Partner Portal.

The links in those emails expire after 24 hours so if they have not accepted the invite by then, you will need to add them again.

When you add a team member you will need to select a Role for them. Over time you will be able to add granular permissions based on the Team Members Role

The Owner role has all access permissions over the account, only make someone an Owner if you trust them to own the account entirely.

Roles and Permissions

Our portal offers a robust system of roles and permissions to ensure secure and efficient management of your organization's resources.

Roles Overview

  1. Owner: Highest level of access and control

  2. Admin: Administrative role with comprehensive access

  3. Operator: Limited access but can run jobs on Portal via SmartCheck

  4. Auditor: Limited access

Operator and Auditor roles are only available to enterprise partners

Key Permissions


Manage Teams

  • Create and edit new team members.

  • Set up organization-wide two-factor authentication.

Owner Admin

Dashboard and Analytics

  • View summary report of your previous jobs you have ran

Owner Admin Operator Auditor


  • Run jobs via SmartCheck

Owner Admin Operator

Job List and User List

  • View job results

  • View user page

Owner Admin Operator Auditor

Developer Page

  • Manage API Keys

  • Mobile SDK smile_config

  • Setting default callback urls

Owner Admin

Manage Billing

  • One time wallet top-ups

  • View payment history

  • View wallet history

  • Download monthly usage statement

Owner Admin Auditor (can not make payments)

Smile Links

  • Create, view and edit KYC links

Owner Admin

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