KYC receipts

What are KYC Receipts?

We offer our partners the ability to prove they ran KYC with Smile ID through a summary of the actions we took and the results we received when verifying the identity of a partner’s user. This is useful for our partners in the event of an audit or an internal reconciliation exercise.

Remember that Smile ID is a data processor of its partners’ users, so the KYC receipts display the actions it took for the purposes of KYC, but have no personally identifiable information (PII) displayed.

Products they are available for

KYC Receipts are available for Biometric KYC and Document Verification, as these entail KYC checks, rather than a simple verification of user details.

How to get KYC Receipts


You can access individual KYC receipts through the partner portal by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Job List

  2. Click on any Biometric KYC or Document Verification job

  3. Click the Print PDF button

  4. Save or print the PDF

Through the Callback

You can also grab the PDF automatically through the callback. All Biometric KYC and Document Verification callbacks contain a link to the PDF, so you can automatically capture and store the PDF for every job run.

Your Smile ID portal user credentials is required to access the link

KYC Receipt key in Callback

  "KYCReceipt": "",
  "signature": "MhgX...",
  "timestamp": "2022-05-23T10:41:27.714Z",

By calling job_status

Finally, you can retrieve the receipt for historical jobs by calling our job_status API. This allows you to access the receipts retroactively in bulk.

KYC Receipt key in job_status Response

   "code": "2302",
   "job_complete": true,
   "job_success": true,
   "kyc_receipt": "",
   "signature": "HmLx...",
   "timestamp": "2022-05-23T10:47:51.533Z",

KYC receipt is only available when jobs are completed. This means Print PDF button will not be visible in the portal for jobs that are still in process and the KYCReceipt key will not show up in the provisional callback.

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