Error Codes

Error codes differ from result codes in that these codes mean the action you attempted to perform in our system failed request validation. There is not going to be a record in the portal for this job. These are codes that typically you would only see during development. They indicate that there was a problem with the request which meant we could not perform the requested action.
Error code
Error text
System Error
An unknown error has occurred. Please contact someone at Smile ID.
Error - Invalid JSON
The info.json file in the Zip is not properly structured. Ensure all keys are present and properly named.
Error - A parameter is of the wrong data type
The format of one of the request values was wrong. Please check request values for this product.
Error - "You are not authorized to do that"
An invalid signature was used to sign the request. You can read more about troubleshooting the error code here.
Error - Enrolled User is disabled
The user corresponding to this user_id must be re-enabled before performing the requested action
Error - Enrolled user is deleted
This user id can no longer perform actions in the Smile ID system
Error - Wrong user id. This user is already enrolled with user_id
An existing user_id was inputted. Enter a unique user id.
Error - No enrolled user found
You are attempting to perform an action that requies a user to have been previously enrolled
Error - Enrolled user must complete re-enrollment
This user has been marked for re-enrollment and has not done so yet
Error - Invalid job type **
An invalid value was inputted in the job_type key. Change the value to "5".
Error - A required parameter is missing
Not all the required keys were submitted in the info.json or request payload. Please check request values for this product.
Error - Job already exists for job_id
An existing job_id was inputted. Enter a unique job id.
Error - Enrolled user does not have a photo on file
The user_id does not have a selfie on file. Before you can authenticate, you need to perform either a Document Verification, Biometric Registration or SmartSelfie™ Registration job for the user_id.
Error - Production is not enabled for this account. Please complete your KYC with Smile ID.
You have not completed your KYC.
Invalid Token
The token used for authentication is not valid or has expired
Error - No Zip File Received
No Zip files was uploaded.
Error - valid id_type is required
An invalid or unsupported country/id_type pair was used in the request
This feature requires you to activate ID Validation for your Smile ID account.
You are attempting to use a product you do not yet have access too