Smile ID equips developers with state-of-the-art tools for real-time Digital KYC, fraud prevention, anti-money laundering, KYC compliance, and user authentication across Africa. Our solutions, designed to simplify and secure the identity verification process, make Smile ID your trusted partner in enhancing user trust and compliance.

Discover Smile ID

Smile ID is Africa's leading digital identity verification solution for businesses scaling across the continent. We help companies scale rapidly in Africa by confirming the true identities of their users in real-time, utilising any smartphone or computer. Our comprehensive suite of tools is tailored to meet a wide range of verification needs.

Key Features

  • Digital KYC: Enable instant verification to accurately onboard your users within seconds.

  • Identity Verification: Utilise a broad array of ID types for robust verification – we cover 8500 ID types across 220 countries.

  • User Authentication: Implement secure authentication mechanisms to safeguard user accounts and prevent fraud during high-risk events.

  • Seamless Integration: Benefit from easy-to-integrate solutions supported by detailed documentation and the ability to go live across all markets we cover with a single integration.

Development Environments

Smile ID provides two environments to accommodate your development and testing needs:

  • Sandbox Environment: Test your integration within our demo environment using Test IDs, perfect for ensuring your integration functions as expected before going live.

  • Production Environment: Launch your integration in a live environment to seamlessly onboard users and detect fraud.

Both environments are crafted to deliver identical user experiences, differing only in the use of test versus real data.

Getting Started

For Non-Developers

Even if you are not a developer, you can still utilise Smile ID's capabilities through our in-portal tools like SmartCheck and Smile Links, or by downloading our demo app. These tools empower organisations with flexible, efficient identity verification solutions without the need for technical expertise.

SmartCheck: Ideal for Internal Verifications

SmartCheck serves as a powerful tool for departments within organisations needing to perform internal verifications. This no-code solution allows staff to run verification jobs directly through a web interface, simplifying processes such as employee onboarding, customer due diligence, and compliance checks when you already have the necessary data.

To use SmartCheck:

  1. Access the Dashboard.

  2. Click on Run a SmartCheck.

  3. Select a product and service.

  4. Input the necessary data, and submit.

The results, including all actions performed, will be displayed on a subsequent results page, enabling straightforward review and analysis.

Smile Links is designed for businesses needing to share KYC verification processes with external parties (your customers). This flexible, no-code option allows for the creation of customised user verification flows, which can be shared via a secure link. Smile Links offers the following features:

  • Generate verification links with ease directly from the Smile ID Portal.

  • Customise the verification interface with your company branding.

  • Support multiple ID types and verification methods within a single link.

  • Efficiently track and manage your Smile Links through the Smile ID Portal.

For Developers

Developers can find detailed documentation, SDKs, and all tools necessary to seamlessly integrate Smile ID within their applications by visiting the developer section.

Support and Resources

Comprehensive support and documentation are available to facilitate your Smile ID integration or exploration of our no-code solutions. For guides, API documentation, and further assistance, visit our Developer Portal.

Unlock Digital Africa with Smile ID.

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