Complete Your KYC

The Regulatory Piece

The tools and information we provide are regulated and we are required to know who you and your company are before we provide access to lookup real ID information.

We kindly request that you provide the following information on the portal. Please click on the "Start Partner KYC" link to submit the information for approval.

  1. Company Contact Person's Full Name

  2. Company Contact Person's Title

  3. Company Contact Person's Phone Number

  4. Company Contact Person's Email Address

  5. Company's Primary Country of Incorporation

  6. Company's Legal Name

  7. Your Incorporation Document (a record of your place and date of incorporation)

  8. Any Additional Documents (if you are not yet incorporated, some record of your tax-paying status and domicile)

  9. Company Director's Full Name

  10. Company Director's Designation or Title

  11. A photo of your Director's ID Card or Passport

  12. The Country and Type of the ID Card or Passport Above

  13. Your Director's Email Address

The information you submit is covered under our privacy and security policy and will not be shared outside of Smile ID's compliance team without prior engagement and approval by you except if you violate our terms and conditions or if we receive a binding law enforcement order. In all such cases, we will attempt to promptly notify you that this information has been requested by law enforcement.

Once the information is received and verified your account will be enabled for Production.

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