Image capture issues on web client

On some devices using the Web Client(s), we are unable to capture proper images. When we attempt to, we get green or black images. This is a known issue that primarily affects old Android devices.


A version of the chromium engine, shipped with a regression that breaks the WebRTC video stream we use to capture images. This bug was caused by Hardware Accelerated Video Decoding. While this is a setting end users can attempt to change, we do not believe most of our end users have the technical know-how to fix this themselves. References - Chromium Bug Report


We check the number of colours in the image in the component, and display an error screen when we detect that the image won't work within our systems.

Version with fix

This fix has been automatically applied in our Web Integration (iframe embed), and Smile Links. However, if you're using the Javascript SDK, the update is available on v1.0.2 upwards.

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