What are partner_params?

The Smile ID system requires two unique identifiers for each job, the job_id and the user_id. These identifiers are used to track a job through the system and are ultimately always sent back to the Partner with the results of a job (see note below). These identifiers, along with the job_type, are send in the request JSON, specifically in the partner_params section. The Partner can also add optional additional information as decribed in the "Optional Key" section below.

user_id - this is a unique string that is used to track an individual user's profile. This can be repeated for different jobs relating to the same user. job_id - this is a string that is unique to the job (verification request). No two jobs should have the same job_id.

All fields in the partner_params must be strings except the job_type. Any strings of length 0 will be replaced by "null". Null values in the JSON will be rejected with an error.

This JSON is inserted into the zip file that is sent to the server by either the mobile SDK or the core library.

partner_params Keys



<UUID or other unique identifier>

Must be a string - required


<UUID or other unique identifier>

Must be a string - required


Integer - required

<Optional Key>

<Any string>

Must be a string - optional

  "partner_params": {
    "job_id": "3ba0e15e-1a56-4799-a94d-b0e084f50256",
    "user_id": "4cb0f26-2b567-5800-b05e-c0f095g6036",
    "job_type": 5,
    "optional_key": "Something helpful"

The complete partner_params JSON is sent with each result sent from the system back to the Partner but in a slightly different format. The key name is changed to PartnerParams and all values including the job_type are strings.

Optional Key

This is any key that you intend to use as meta data about the job. These keys are defined by you and provided from your system. You can add as many optional keys as you need and they will be returned to you in the response sent to you.

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