Flutter Release Notes


  • Bump iOS to 10.2.1 (https://github.com/smileidentity/ios/releases/tag/v10.2.1)

  • Bump Android to 10.1.7 (https://github.com/smileidentity/android/releases/tag/v10.1.7)


  • Set jvmTarget to 17 in Gradle to fix android specific build issues


  • Bump to iOS 10.2.0


  • Moved SmartSelfie enrollment and authentication to synchronous endpoints

  • Introduced polling methods for products

    • SmartSelfie

    • Biometric kyc

    • Document verification

    • Enhanced document verification

  • Added an Offline Mode, enabled by calling SmileID.setAllowOfflineMode(true). If a job is attempted while the device is offline, and offline mode has been enabled, the UI will complete successfully and the job can be submitted at a later time by calling SmileID.submitJob(jobId)

  • Improved SmartSelfie Enrollment and Authentication times by moving to a synchronous API endpoint

  • Update generic errors with actual platform errors

  • Bump iOS to 10.1.6 (https://github.com/smileidentity/ios/releases/tag/v10.1.6)

  • Bump Android to 10.1.6 (https://github.com/smileidentity/android/releases/tag/v10.1.6)


  • Fixed a bug where SmartSelfieEnrollment and SmartSelfieAuthentication would return invalid livenessImages in onSuccess


  • Fixed SmileIDSmartSelfieAuthentication so that it calls the correct method on ios


  • Add missing jobtype enums for Flutter


  • Bump iOS to 10.0.11 (https://github.com/smileidentity/ios/releases/tag/v10.0.11)

  • Add Enhanced Document Verification support for Flutter


  • Bump iOS to 10.0.10 (https://github.com/smileidentity/ios/releases/tag/v10.0.10)


  • Bump Android to 10.0.4 (https://github.com/smileidentity/android/releases/tag/v10.0.4)

  • Bump iOS to 10.0.8 (https://github.com/smileidentity/ios/releases/tag/v10.0.8)


  • Fixed a bug where Android builds would not compile when the partner app (or a library they consume) also uses Pigeon under the hood

  • Updated generated files naming to prefix SmileID and prevent build duplicate class erros


  • Fixed a bug where Android builds would not compile when the partner app (or a library they consume) also uses Pigeon under the hood

  • Bumped Android and iOS versions


  • Support for Biometric KYC, exposed as a SmileIDBiometricKYC Widget


  • Added allowNewEnroll on SmartSelfie, BiometricKYC, DocV and EnhancedDocV

  • [iOS] Fixed missing callbackUrl


  • Bump iOS SDK to 10.0.2 to fix white cutout issue on iOS 14 devices


  • Added showInstructions parameter to SmartSelfie Authentication

  • Fixed issue where showInstructions parameter was not respected on SmartSelfie Enrollment


  • No change


  • Add networking APIs


  • [Android] Added missing showInstructions on some Composables

  • [Android] Added missing proguard rule and updated consumer rules

  • [Android] Added missing parameters on Fragments

  • [Android] Fixed crash when duplicate images are attempted to be zipped

  • [Android] Fixed a bug where some attributes passed in were not respected

  • [Android] Fixed a bug when attempting to parcelize SmileIDException

  • [Android] Changed the OKHTTP call timeout to 60 seconds

  • [Android] Rename partnerParams to extraPartnerParams

  • [iOS] Consent Screen SwiftUI View

  • [iOS] Biometric KYC no longer bundles the Consent Screen

  • [iOS] Biometric KYC no longer bundles an ID Type selector or input

  • [Flutter] Fixed broken json decoding


  • [Android] Added extras as optional params on all job types

  • [Android] Added idAuthorityBypassPhoto on Sandbox BiometricKYC jobs

  • [Android] Added allowAgentMode option on Document Verification and Enhanced Document Verification

  • [Flutter] Fixed wrong iOS decoding bug on success


  • [Android] Fixed retry document submission on failed document submission

  • [Android] Fixed missing entered key in BiometricKYC

  • [Android] Added jobId on SmartSelfieEnrollmentFragment and SmartSelfieAuthenticationFragment

  • [Android] Added showInstructions on SmartSelfieEnrollmentFragment

  • [Android] Fix bug where showAttirubtion was not respected on the Consent Denied screen

  • [Android] Increased selfie capture resolution to 640px

  • [Android] Fixed a bug where the document preview showed a black box for some older devices


  • [Android] Fix bug where Composable state did not get reset


  • Allow setEnvironment({required bool useSandbox}) to enable sandbox or production environment

  • Allow setCallbackUrl({required Uri callbackUrl}) to set a callback url for all submitted jobs.

  • Bug Fixes and Improvements from iOS v10.0.0-beta10 and Android v10.0.0-beta09


  • Support for Document Verification, exposed as a SmileIDDocumentVerification Widget

  • Support for SmartSelfie Authentication, exposed as a SmileIDSmartSelfieAuthentication Widget


  • Initial release

  • Support for Enhanced KYC (Async)

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