Release Notes

A summary of bug fixes and features per release

This SDK is deprecated and will receive limited support. Please adopt the v10 SDK: Android v10


  • Fixed issue with reenrolling user using the .setAllowNewEnroll method on the config

  • Fixed issue with updating a user on file selfie using the .useEnrolledImage

    method on the config


  • Fixed crash caused by unstable network conditions by replacing the OkHttp Network Interceptor with a regular Interceptor

  • Fixed crash caused by passing too large a Bitmap as parcelable by instead passing the resource between Activities

  • Fixed a bug where the BVN Consent image did not show if using the Flutter SDK


  • Feature: BVN

  • Feature: Added optional crash reporting for crashes caused by Smile ID SDKs

    • It is highly recommended to enable this by calling enableSmileIdentityCrashReporting() in your Application's onCreate


  • Improved blur detection experience during document capture

  • Updated the android gradle plugin to 7.2 this may warrant an upgrade of several packages particularly app compat which is now using 1.5.1


  • Improved blur detection experience during document capture


  • Improved blur detection experience during document capture

  • Changed consent from a dialog to an actual activity


  • Improved user experience during document captures to avoid unnecessary ui feedbacks


  • Updated project gradle wrapper to 7.5

  • Updated gradle plugin to 7.2.1

  • Updated target SDK to android 32

  • Added blur to document live capture pipeline, SDK won't allow blurred captures capturedBlurryMessage attribute on the view will display the respective message

  • Added darkness to document live capture pipeline, SDK won't allow dark captures capturedDarkMessage attribute on the view will display the respective message

  • Better messaging for document capture

  • Added ability to set id type as passport/id card/ other which will enable the the correct aspect ratio for the document

  • Document capture will be in landscape mode always for better document captures


  • Job status delay to match SLA

  • Cropping issue fix (Known issue of a bad crop when capturing documents on a samsung S8)


  • Document capture improvements

  • Fix for crash from shutter sounds

  • Consent screen dark mode opt out

Known issue of a bad crop when capturing documents on a samsung S8


  • Old job tag fix

  • Adjusted selfie camera preview aspect ratio

  • Integration source sdk (android) and version

  • UI customisation fixes


  • Document verification fix on for enrol image to true/false


  • Fix for auth smile crash in 7.3.5

  • ID Card capture orientation allowing for portrait ID


  • Enable id card capture only to submit document verification jobs

  • UI Customisations for selfie,id card and review screen

  • Android 12 compatibility


  • User consent dialog to get consent on ID types that require consent from users, see here for more information

  • Document verification (now in beta)

  • Minor bug fixes

  • Breaking change, please generate a new api key under signature as described here


  • Fixed bugs with smile auth having missing parameters and better handling of partner parameters


  • Introduced a new authentication method for api calls using the signature instead of the sec_key

  • Updated auth smile to handle string timestamps


Small improvements and bug fixes

7.3.0 ->

  • Improved and updated underlying selfie and id capture face detection functionality

  • Improved selfie capture for better image processing for liveness images

  • Added back of id card capture feature


  • We have removed the mandatory retry policies and have set a default but you can still override the default if you see a need to do so using setRetryOnfailurePolicy.

    when submitting a job� the SDK will default to 10 retries, 15 seconds apart.

  • Removed useIdCard on the SIDConfig.Builder class so the SDK can handle this automatically.

  • The first version which is compatible with Smile ID UI which is a layer we have built to abstract the manual configuration to the SDK and for convenional use this is an easier way to get started very quickly in fewer lines of code.


  • Fixed issue with switching between the test and production environments


  • Moved to the recommended scoped storage to support Android 11 devices.See here for the android 11 storage changes

  • Fixed crashes with unsatisfied link error related to selfie and id capture

  • Fixed black oval issue witthout error reporting when selfie capture fails to start

  • Introduced storage space checks for read/write permissions and available disk space.

  • Introduced camera permission check and related error when starting selfie capture to avoid silent failures

v7.1.0 onwards

  • Moved SmartCardView class from the com.smileidentity.libsmileid.core.idcapure package to com.smileidentity.libsmileid.core class

  • Added real time light and blur checks on ID card capture

  • Added custom messaging for the ID Card capture as demonstrated here

  • Added onIDCardStateChange(IDCardState idCardState) for feedback to the realtime ID card quality checks

v7.0.1 onwards

  • The SDK is now available on maven central and can be installed by following the Getting Started Guide

  • SDK now requires a Smile Config file from the partner portal available here

  • SDK now handles the urls and port configuration and introduced the environment enum SIDNetData.Environment.TEST and SIDNetData.Environment.PROD to manage your Smile ID environmen

Version 6.4.2

  • Fixed issues with ID capture being closely tied to job submissions where an enroll would fail if ID capture had been invoked on the same tag

  • Fixed issues with capturing ID before selfie

  • New and improved ID Capture view in a few lines of code please see here for more information on how to implement this.

Version 6.4.2

Fixed issues with Job Type 5 which was resulting in a silent failure due to remaining job configurations from previous versions.

Added the ability to set custom callback using the SDK, this can be done by using the SIDNetData class. After setting the other settings in this class then call the method setCallBackUrl as in the example below

SIDNetData data = new SIDNetData();
....//other SIDNetData settings

Version 6.4.1

The SDK will provide validation by default and will return an error which can be either


�For more information on required fields per ID type please refer to ID authority support

You can turn off this remote validation by using

builder = new SIDConfig.Builder(this)
//this will only validate to make sure there is a country, id type and id

Fixed a crash for a subset of armv7 devices caused by a linking error

Version 6.4.0


  • The singleton SIDInfosManager.getInstance() now requires a context when getting the instance

  • All calls to methods in SIDTagManager should add a context parameter

  • If you have a custom implementation which was reading or writing to the folder please change to


  • Fix for bug when reusing the same tag for all jobs the sdk was reusing information now every job will clear cached information based on tag on failure or success


  • Jobs will now be stored in application specific directories based on the package name with the suffix

Version 6.3.1


  • Fix for conflict issues with other libraries using opencv particularly the library

  • Fix for job type 5 user id information when using the .submitAll() method from SIDNetworkRequest class

Version 6.3.0

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for correct camera orientation from the CaptureIDCard for Nexus 5 devices

  • Supporting multiple orientation for the camera from CaptureIDCard class and will now follow the activity/fragment's orientation with the correct display (however landscape is still greatly advised since it provides a better user experience as well as better resolution for the final image)

  • Jobs using submitAll methods from SIDNetwork request will now have unique configurations per job and this is by introduction of the SIDTagmanager class which should be called before a job is submitted an example is on this page


  • ID Validation aka Job Type 5 which is a simple validation for ID information can now be performed in the library see this page for more information

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