Tags Usage

Tags lets Smile ID system reconcile images you capture.

  • It is important that tags be unique for jobs and should be reused only to override existing information like selfies and or user id information.

  • When performing a job type 1 with id card capture which is an enrol/register make sure the same tag used to capture selfies is used to capture the id card and lastly used to submit the job

Usage 1: Selfie Capture (Except for Job Type 5)

The first instance you will get to use a tag is when capturing a selfie and a unique tag should be used keeping in mind that the same tag would be used for final submission eg

 smartSelfieManager = new SmartSelfieManager(getCaptureConfig());
        smartSelfieManager.captureSelfie($UNIQUE_TAG); <= should be unique per job that you run unless you want to overwrite a job

Usage 2: ID Capture (Optional For Job Type 1)

For job type 1 which is register/enrol if using ID Card capture, make sure the same tag used for selfie capture is used so if these two are in different classes then the tag used in Selfie capture would need to be passed to make sure the ID Card image is associated with the same tag

Usage 3: Job Submission (All jobs)

All smile id jobs take a SIDConfig instance which has all the information about the job being submitted.The same tag that was used when capturing a selfie should be used to submit the job to make sure all information associated with the job is submitted correctly

builder = new SIDConfig.Builder(this)
                    ... //other job settings

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