Customising Screens


This is the entrance into Smile ID UI and provides a builder to which you can use the SDK below are the methods for this.


This returned a builder pattern object which can be chained with more methods to further customise the UX

let builder = SIDCaptureManager.Builder(delegate: self, captureType: CaptureType.SELFIE_AND_ID_CAPTURE)setTag
builder.setTag(tag: <String>)

This will take a string parameter which will be an identifier for the images that will be captured via selfie and or document capture screen, it is very important that this be a unique identifier to avoid unexpected behaviour and mixing user data in this or later processes, it's also important to know that this will be returned when the SDK is done with all captures.



Will set everything related to the selfie screen, more details will be on the SIDSelfieCaptureConfig object methods



Will set everything related to the document capture screen, more details will be on the SIDIDCaptureConfig object methods


let <SIDCaptureManager> =

Will return the actual SIDCaptureConfig Screen

Show the UI


This will show the UI to the user

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