iOS Setup


This SDK is deprecated and will receive limited support. Please adopt the v10 SDK:

Note: The React Native iOS SDK only runs on 64-bit devices. If you build your app with 32-bit support, check the device's architecture before using this API. this affects most simulators but not devices in current usage


Close your XCode if your project is open and from the terminal, navigate to the iOS folder in the flutter project and run

pod install

If it wasn't present before, once done this will create a <Your Project>.xcworkspace open this in XCode .

Smile Config

1. Place the smile_config.json inside the ios/Runner folder

2.Open XCode and click on the project navigator and select your project file (usually runner)

3. Click the target (usually runner) and click Build Phases and under copy bundle resources click the plus icon and navigate to your project location with smile_config.json and pick the file

That's it IOS is ready

NB: XCode 12 and above

There is some incompatibilities that may exist between when using XCode 12 as listed here. This error may appear as Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: "Swift._ArrayBuffer._copyContents...".

To resolve this remove the line $(TOOLCHAIN_DIR)/usr/lib/swift-5.0/$(PLATFORM_NAME)

In your project's (not target) as shown below

That's it. iOS is done!

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