From version 6.3.0 the library enables unique job configuration for multiple jobs which are sent at once using submitAll() and these may have different user id information and or job configuration

This is optional for when you are calling submit() method from SIDNetworkRequest class but if you are using submitAll() then this is required .

Below is a general example of how this could be used, however you may use the tag manager class for every job configuration

Step 1 User Id Information Example (can be used)

Instantiate the tag manager object from the singleton

SIDTagManager sidTagManager = SIDTagManager.getInstance(this);

Step 2

Setup the metadata for the job

//Instantiate the metadata
SIDMetadata metadata = new SIDMetadata();

//Set user id information
SIDUserIdInfo userIdInfo = metadata.getSidUserIdInfo();
userIdInfo.setIdNumber("ID Number");
userIdInfo.setIdType("ID Type");

//set the metadata on the SIDConfig
SIDConfig.Builder builder = new SIDConfig.Builder(this)

SIDConfig config =$UNIQUE_TAG);

Step 3

Before submitting the job save the configuration for the job by calling

     * @param tag (required) the tag for the SIDConfig
     * @param jobType (required)  the job type as per smile id job types
     * @param mode (required) either enrol or authentication
     * @param geoInfos (optional) geolocation information for the job
     * @param sidMetadata (required) can have only partner params and 
               or userid information
     * @param useIdCard (required) true or false depending on whether the job is usig an id card image or not

Once the above method has been called you may call the methods fro SIDNetworkRequest class and the library will associate the correct job to the correct configuration


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