This SDK is deprecated and will receive limited support. Please adopt the v10 SDK:


After you install or update your project's Pods, open your Xcode project using its .xcworkspace. The IOS SDK is supported in Xcode version 12.4 or greater.

1. Cocoapods Setup

The SDK is available via cocoapods currently , please see here for how cocoapods works and to install the SDK please add the following in your Podfile

 pod 'Smile_Identity_SDK'

2. Install the cocoapods dependency

After adding the above text to your Podfile, in the same location as the file open the terminal and run the following command

pod install

The SDK requires the following permissions to work correctly in your app's info.plist

Property NameType Value

Privacy - Camera Usage Description


“Used to take a selfie or id card photo”.

Privacy - Location When in Use Usage Description


“To all Smile ID to access your location.”

App Transport Security Settings Allow Arbitrary Loads



Smile Config

1. Place the smile_config.json inside the your project's folder

2.Open XCode and click on the project navigator and select your project file

3. Click the target and click Build Phases and under copy bundle resources click the plus icon and navigate to your project location with smile_config.json and pick the file

That's it IOS is ready

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